NYC: Visit the St. Ives Mixing Bar

Last week, I went apricot picking. OK, the apricots weren’t real, and I didn’t actually get to pick the apricots off, but it was still a lot of fun. I had this experience within the mirrored infinity room full of small and life-sized apricots in the St. Ives Mixing Bar, a temporary store in SoHo neighborhood Manhattan. The store opened up on June 16th and was set to close its doors on June 30th, but due to popular demand, it’s now being extended through September 30th.

The premise of the pop-up shop is simple. St. Ives, which is known for their popular scrubs, decked out a 1800-square-foot store with a mixing bar (more on that in a second), testing stations, a kiosk that distributes free product samples and the apricot room that’s equipped with a photo booth camera to capture your Instagram post for you.

At the mixing bar, you have the option to choose from more than 50 ingredient combinations to make your own custom lotion or scrub, and I mean custom (they even put your name on it). You get to dictate the thickness of your body lotion or exfoliation levels of the scrub. Some of the cool skin care ingredients include pink lychee, kale, ginger and volcanic sand. If you choose to make one, the custom face scrubs and body lotions retail for $12 each. There are also other St. Ives products available for sale, including limited-edition candles, which smell heavenly.

When you’re done making your product, there’s a vending machine behind the apricot mirror room that asks you a few simple questions about your skin care concerns, before dispensing a trial-sized St. Ives product recommended to address your needs.

The store is located at 577 Broadway (at the corner of Prince and Broadway). Learn more on their website.

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