Must-Have Product: The Style & Go™ Hair Care Valet

I don’t know about you, but we women (and some men) often use tons of electrical appliances to keep our hair looking its best.

The Style and Go Hair Care Valet with the cabinte closed.

Whether it’s a blow dryer or hair iron, we own tons of gadgets with long, tangled cords that can only be used when plugged into an outlet. On top of that, in order to use these tools we require the outlet to be near a mirror. Then, once our styling is over, the tools are returned to the clutter of other products creating a potential fire hazard.

Momtrepreneur and Inventor Marcy McKenna, has invented a product that solves all of the above issues. It’s called the The Style & Go™ Hair Care Valet, and is a mounted cabinet that neatly stores hair care appliances and products. McKenna beat out thousands of contestants in Kelly Ripa’s TLC series, Homemade Millionaire, which follows aspiring female entrepreneurs in their quest to land a lucrative deal with mega-giant retailer, HSN.

The Style & Go™ is a unique product, and there is nothing else like it in the market. In addition to offering a clutter-free way to store appliances, the sleek design comes with a built-in power cord, electrical outlets, and features mirrors on both the exterior and interior cabinet door for multi-side viewing while styling.

The Style and Go Hair Care Valet with cord doors open

I am a huge fan of products that can my aid in making my beauty routine hassle-free, so I think this is an awesome product. After I straighten my hair in the morning, I put my warm iron away and hope that when I return home, my house hasn’t burned down. With the Style & Go™, there is no need to wait for your appliances to cool down. You can set your hair appliances in the cabinet right after you use it, shut the door, and leave.

The Style and Go Hair Care Valet with cord doors closed

Style & Go™ is set to make its HSN debut on July 25th, so be sure to tune in on the following days:

July 25th 6:00 am EST
July 27th 1:00 pm EST
July 28th 5:00 am EST

For more information go to

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