Footwear Company Offers Customized, Hand-Painted Shoes

We’ve all been there. We spend hours changing our outfit so that we look our very best, walk into an event, and there stands someone one wearing the exact same thing. The great thing about fashion is that it allows you to celebrate your own uniqueness; however, this can get a little difficult sometimes when you have items that hundreds of other people own because … Continue reading Footwear Company Offers Customized, Hand-Painted Shoes

Mad For The Manbag?

The manbag: once a most unfairly maligned accessory that was reserved for the more, let’s say, sartorially serious gent. ‘Real men’, of the kind of butch masculinity heralded by Yorkie chocolate bars and McCoy crisps, would never be seen with anything so fey and useful , instead preferring to stock their pockets or maybe condescend to use a natty skate backpack, at a push. But … Continue reading Mad For The Manbag?

Ice, Ice, Baby – Rafaello & Co.

Last week, I had the amazing opportunity to visit the showroom of Rafaello & Company Jewelers. Located in New York City’s Diamond District, the company’s clientele reads like a who’s who in the entertainment and sports industry. Celebrities such as Drake, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Carmelo Anthony (NBA), and Dwight Freeney (NFL), to name a few, have all donned customized pieces by the designers – not … Continue reading Ice, Ice, Baby – Rafaello & Co.

Lands’ End Spring/Summer 2012 Preview

Yesterday I traveled to Paris, was whisked away to California, then stumbled upon a vineyard wedding, and finally relaxed on the beach. Sound like a dream? Well, not quite. This was the set up at the Lands’ End clothing line Spring/Summer 2012 press preview event that I attended yesterday evening. The clothing retailer took attendees on a journey across the country, with intricate table stagings … Continue reading Lands’ End Spring/Summer 2012 Preview

Ray Vincente MS Benefit during NYFW – S/S2012

On Monday, September 12th I attended a private runway presentation of designer Ray Vincente, as part of the Lawrence Blake Couture Series® at the Bryant Park Hotel’s Cellar Bar. Set against the room’s vaulted gray brick ceiling and medieval chandeliers, the designer presented special pieces from his Spring/Summer 2012 menswear collection. The collection, a high fashion men’s sportswear line, featured crisp white, clean pieces with … Continue reading Ray Vincente MS Benefit during NYFW – S/S2012

Jimmy Choo launching shoe collection for men

“I’ve lost my Choo!” This famous line was uttered by a frantic Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) in a scene in Sex & the City when she loses one side of her beloved Jimmy Choo shoes while trying to catch the Staten Island ferry. This winter/autumn 2011, you may hear a man repeat these same exact words, because Jimmy Choo, the women’s luxury designer company, … Continue reading Jimmy Choo launching shoe collection for men

Makeup for Men: Guyliner & Manscara

It seems that men these days are just as much concerned about their appearance as females. It’s no secret that male celebrities are smothered in foundation for photo and movie shoots. But, lately, I’ve notice a major trend among straight celebrity men: guyliner and manscara. That’s right ladies, men are slowly starting to catch on to the secret weapons we use to define our eyes. … Continue reading Makeup for Men: Guyliner & Manscara

Lanvin for H&M hits stores Today

The heavily anticipated Lanvin collection for H&M launches in 24 U.S. H&M stores today. Usually, the fashion house’s clothes are out of the price range for the average fashionista on a budget. But, this collection, designed by Lanvin’s artistic director Alber Elbaz, is much more affordable while still staying true to the designer’s glamorous, high-end style. The limited-edition collection features designer clothes for both men … Continue reading Lanvin for H&M hits stores Today

Drake – Best Dressed of the Week

The honor of best dressed of the week goes to Drake, who attended Lil’ Wayne’s Mimai bash to celebrate the rapper’s recent release from prison, wearing a ritzy Tom Ford suit on Sunday night. A flashy metallic teal blazer stood out against a simple white button down shirt, paired with black trousers. Drake felt he had to “suit up” for the occasion, reports MTV. Nicki … Continue reading Drake – Best Dressed of the Week