Beauty2 Tradeshow Recap: Indie Brands You Need to Try

One of my favorite parts of being a beauty blogger is the ability to discover cool, new brands, and I was able to do just that on March 6 – March 7, when indie beauty trade show, Beauty2, returned to NYC. This year’s show featured over 20 international and here are the ones that stood out to me.

Most people who make the switch to natural deodorants have one major claim: the products don’t work. I, myself, have been (unsuccessfully) searching for one, but Rebecca So says she’s found the solution with her brand Sway, which uses apple cider vinegar and essential oils to maintain the pH balance of underarm skin and fight odor. I’m most intrigued by the brand’s underarm detox mask ($22), which contains activated charcoal, bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar to combat what Rebecca says is a “detox period” people go through when transitioning to natural deodorants. This year, Rebecca is expanding the line to include a range of skin care products including face cleansers, toners, serums, mist and bar soaps.

Moi Cosmetics
I think it’s safe to say that CBD is having a moment. So, I wasn’t surprised to see it at the tradeshow. MOI Cosmetics, a collection of high-performance makeup made with healthy ingredients, showed off a foundation infused with CBD. The product is available in six shades and is designed to adapt to an individual’s skin tone.

I love greens so I adore Dora Sobze’s line of products infused with spinach. The super green contains B vitamins like folate and biotin, as well as beta carotene, magnesium, zinc, and omega fatty acids—all of which contribute to healthy hair and skin.

Sélia & Co
I love drinking tea, but never thought of putting it on my skin. But, this brand has created an entire line of products, ranging from masks to facial steams. The idea is that tea’s powerful antioxidants can help combat free radicals and restore skin’s health.

Mass Eden
When it comes to conversations I had at the tradeshow, the founder of Mass Eden, TL Robinson, really took the time to get into the conversation of what clean beauty is, inclusivity in the green beauty space and adverse reactions people can have to some ingredients even if its natural. Mass Eden offers natural and organic solutions to caring for skin issues. There are currently 3 products in the line: 2 oils and a facial steam.

Naturally London
Every time I meet the founder of Naturally London, Chris Cabrera, I feel like we have been besties for years. Her warm nature and the passion she executes when discussing her brand is magnetic. Her line of botanical-based foot care was created with busy women in mind who want to have soft and smooth feet, but don’t have the time to get themselves to the salon. I’ve actually been using the brand’s foot cream on my hands to heal my eczema, and it’s been working wonders.

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