How to Transition your Skincare Regimen from Warm Weather to Cold

Hilary Lambert is a skin care consultant for Rodan + Fields Dermatologists. She also writes a beauty and fashion blog at Her goal is to bring the audience simple ways to wear the latest styles in fashion and make up as well as give advice about skin care that makes it easy to get the best skin of your life. 

Here she talks about how to transition your skincare regimen from warm weather to cold…                                                                                             

It’s that time of year again! Time when the cold fall/ winter weather tends to cause major changes in our skins look and feel. For most of us, cold weather dries out our skin leaving it rough, dry, cracked and red. For others, issues like eczema or acne are heightened by these weather changes. I’m a consultant with Rodan + Fields Dermatologists (the new Anti-Aging line by the doctors who created Proactiv) and here are some suggestions on how to combat the effects of cold weather and improve the overall look and feel of your skin at the same time. I’ve also made some recommendations for the skin care products you need to arm yourself with this fall /winter season to stay looking your best even when the weather isn’t optimal.

We all know that when you look good you feel good so read on…

First and Foremost…

It’s a great time to get rid of the sun damage that you may have done during the summer months and throughout the years. We’re outside all of the time during the summer and there’s only so much protection that sunblock can give us before we start to see the obvious and not so obvious signs of aging that comes from time is the sun. This exposure causes brown spots, dullness, hyper-pigmentation and melisma which are tough to get rid of without a trip to the dermatologists office. The doctors at Rodan & Fields have made it a lot easier to rid yourself of these problems without an expensive trip to the doctor’s office.

To get your young-looking skin back, pre-sun exposure, try the Reverse regimen.

This regimen will actively fade sun-spots and other damage caused by the sun by evening out your skin tone. This system has been clinically proven to be effective by doctor’s studies and by many before and after photos taken by clients.

For example, after 2 months of using the Reverse regimen this client looks 10 years younger.

Moving on…Cold weather skincare must haves…

A Creamy Cleanser

It’s important to wash your skin day and night but when the weather turns from hot to cold, washing can easily make your skin red and flaky. If this is the case it’s important to choose a cleanser that won’t be over-drying but is rather creamy and moisturizing. Try Rodan & Fields SOOTHE Gentle Cream Wash; “Dissolves and sweeps away makeup and other skin impurities without the use of harsh surfactants.” This cleanser is a great way to reduce redness and inflammation that may occur during the cold season.

A Moisturizing Sunscreen

Don’t be fooled by the cold weather, you still need to protect your skin from the sun. Especially while partaking in winter sports such as skiing or ice skating. No one takes sun-protection more seriously than the doctors at Rodan & Fields. They even developed the patented Shieldrf, this formula combines stabilized avobenzone and free radical fighting colorless carotenoids for effective broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen protection. To get the right protection try their Anti Age Triple Defense Treatment with SPF 30. A major bonus of this product is that this moisturizer contains anti-aging peptides that are proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

A Proven Line Reducer

Lines can become more apparent in the winter months when skin becomes dry and cracked. A line smoother is always a must, I recommend this amazing night renewing serum from Rodan & Fields. It contains a potent, proprietary blend of peptides and retinol to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and visibly increase skin firmness. Retinol, favored by dermatologists for decades, enhances cell turnover to improve skin texture and minimize the appearance of pores. Patented time-release technology increases skin’s receptivity throughout the night while reducing potential irritancy.

With the Holidays upon us, Rodan + Fields are getting into the spirit by offering this product, an $89 value, as a gift from us to you with a purchase of $185.00 or more.

Another selling point… this serum has received a ton of free press, it was featured in Harper’s Bazaar as an “Editor’s Choice” as well as in O Magazine as one of Oprah’s favorite things. Hey, you can’t argue with the woman who can afford the best in skincare can you?!

Relief for Dry Lips…

How do you defend yourself from the ultimate winter beauty enemy, dry cracked lips? It’s important to arm yourself with a lip moisturizer and the Night Renewing Lip Serum from Rodan + Fields is the best they come.Reclaim or just maintain the lips of your youth with this amazing serum. Each capsule helps lips retain natural moisturizing factors, smooth’s lip texture and reduces the appearance of lip wrinkles.

This incredible product was featured in Allure Magazine as an “A-list product.”

Defense against acne…

Believe it or not, acne can become worse in the winter months. The cold weather makes the skin dry and in response sometimes over produces oils that make the skin breakout.

My recommendation, if the breakout is really bad try the entire Unblemish regimen, otherwise the Unblemish Acne Sulfur wash should be sufficient.

Please email me with any questions about products or regarding skin care concerns in general. I would be more than happy to assist you with your skin care needs! All products have a 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee and can be purchased here.

hlambertrf  at gmail dot com


Hilary Lambert
Skin Care Consultant
Rodan + Fields Dermatologists

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  1. I’ve started using skincare from Garden Girl this fall and it has worked wonders on my skin. Love that all of their stuff is paraben-free and they have a really cool refill option. Plus, it looks so cute in my bathroom and smells incredible!

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