Natural Brand Review: RealHER Metallic Liquid Lipstick

If you’ve checked out my Instagram, you’ve already seen me talk about a makeup brand called Real Her. The natural and cruelty-free makeup brand empowers women by adding positive affirmations to the packaging of each eye, lip and face product. Messages range from “I am a queen” to “Yes I can” and are meant to uplift the you in the morning and serve as a reminder throughout the day as you reapply it.

In the picture below, I’m wearing one of the metallic liquid lipsticks called, “be you”. It has such an amazing pigment payoff and lasts almost all day. I was hesitant about it being metallic but it’s actually more on the matte side, which I liked. However, I tend to not love my lips to be overly-matte, so after I took this photo, I actually put a little bit of lip balm over it before I left home to make my lips look and feel softer (I didn’t do it before the photo because I truly wanted you all to see how the color applies).

The brand is also charitable. Twenty percent of sales are donated to organizations that advance equity for women and girls. In March, the brand launched a new initiative #realhersisterhood, a digital community where girls and women empower each other and find a mentor. After receiving your first purchase you will be given an access code to the #REALHERSISTERHOOD.

To learn more about the brand, click here.

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