Beauty2 Spring Edit Recap: Natural Brands You Need to Know

24013099-7E3E-4CD9-AD3F-7B6EFF027735On May 3, I attended the beauty2 tradeshow, an event that showcases small brands (near and far) the beauty industry needs to have on its radar. While I don’t have the space to talk about every brand I saw, here are some of the ones that stood out:

Deco Miami – Specifically created for millennial consumers who are seeking a luxury aesthetic, without the luxury price point, Deco Miami is a line of nail polishes designed to be displayed on your vanity. And, once you see it, there’s no question you’ll want to show it off. The top of the polishes features a striking elongated gold cap (think Louis Vuitton nail polishes), that pretty much screams Instagram snap shot. The polish is an 8-free brand, but they are making a conscious effort not to market as “natural” “non-toxic”, because as stated on their website, “we don’t want to make you think that we collect nail polish from a tree or something.”


Côte – Speaking of nail polish, I had the most amazing mani from côte, a nontoxic, 10-free nail poish brand. At the event, I learned that they opened up a shop in NYC offering express mani and pedi nail services. The shop is located at 100 E 13th St, New York, NY 10003.


Klei Beauty –Brooklyn based entrepreneur, Valerie Smith, is doing so well with this side hustle, she’s getting ready to give her two weeks’ notice at her full-time corporate job #bossbabe. The natural and cruelty-free self-care line started as a creative outlet for herself, but is now available in over 20 boutiques. A lot of the products are powders so you can mix and match to create your own DIY treatment.


River Organics – This was one of my favorite brands to discover at the show, specifically because I’ve been on the hunt for more natural options for color cosmetics, and they have a plethora of offerings ranging from highlighters to eye shadows to lippies. River Organics is vegan, and makes its products using organic plant oils and butters, so you get an added benefit of hydration with your makeup. They also have a skin care line, too. I also love how sustainable the brand is – the products are packaged in recyclable materials such as kraft paper tubes and pots, as well as glass amber bottles. Plus, the brand’s founders offer a 10 percent discount for retuning shipping envelopes in their local town, which the company repurposes for future shipping orders.


Cūrata Sustainable Luxury – I instantly connected with Serena Rogers, the founder of Cūrata Sustainable Luxury, when we discussed how confusing sustainability and “natural” are becoming to consumers as the trend continues to grow in momentum. Her brand is certified natural, non-toxic and cruelty-free and combines luxury body care with botanical perfumery. Cūrata was the first fragrance to be certified by Made Safe, a nonprofit organization that verifies that a product is made without known toxic chemicals. The brand’s inaugural collection features two products: Aureo Multi Radiance Oil an antioxidant-infused multi-use oil designed to revitalize skin; and, Dulceo Botanical Perfume Extract, a pure botanical perfume extract that blends intoxicating scent notes of citrus, florals, fruits within a creamy base of vanilla, caramel and cocoa. The bottles are created from recyclable glass and packaged in sustainable paper, printed with organic UV ink.


Moonlit Skincare – Giving a new meaning to the term “beauty sleep” this brand offers up just one product: Midnight Shift Overnight Facial Oil, which is designed to deliver skin boosting benefits overnight. According to the brand’s website, the skin’s protective hydrolipid barrier weakens at night, which is the optimum time that the skin can be receptive to the potent, natural ingredients in the product. I love that the oil is infused with lavender to help ease you into sleep. The brand is vegan and cruelty free.


STARE Cosmetics – While they don’t market themselves as natural, this makeup brand stays away from unnecessary fillers, harmful chemicals and dyes and instead, focuses on healthier ingredients. The line was developed to offer high performing makeup that won’t exacerbate existing skin conditions.





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