Why You Need an Essential Oil Diffuser

I remember walking into my local natural foods store earlier this year and immediately being uplifted as I inhaled the aroma of ylang ylang that permeated the air via a diffuser that was placed at the entrance of the store. Since then, I’ve always wanted one, so I was excited when artnaturals sent me their oil diffuser and 8-piece essential oil set to try.

The artnaturals diffuser is chic with a classic natural wood finish that matches any décor setting, and is lightweight so its easy to carry to various rooms in your home. It also has seven different color LED lights, so you can set it to which ever color you like, which is one of the things I like the most about this product. I never really set mine to one color – during the day, I like to have all seven colors rotate, but at night, when all the lights are off, I usually turn the LED light option off since I prefer to sleep in a dark room. It also has a digital clock which is displayed in blue light, and because I prefer not to have lights in my room at night, I usually just turn it around to face the wall.


The standard cool mist diffuser has three timer settings (1 to 3 hours), allowing you to control how long you want to fragrance your air; but, scenting your air is not the only benefit of having a diffuser. Here are some top reasons why you need one for ultimate wellness and self-care:

  • It Helps Improve Your Mood – There are so many different essential oils that you can use with your diffuser to help with your mood, and artnaturals offers sets ranging from 6-16 oils, so you can order a set to have several oil options that you can use depending on your needs. Need a pick me up? Use sweet orange to create an energizing mood. Feeling restless? Try frankincense.
  • To Help You Sleep – I put lavender in my artnaturals diffuser and set the timer to an hour. The long-lasting mist ensures that I get a long-lasting effect of the aroma to ease me into a restful sleep.
  • To Breathe Easier – Adding peppermint or eucalyptus to a diffuser can help open up airways, making breathing easier. Just add a few drops and breathe in the steam.
  • It’s a Safer Alternative to Scented Candles – I love scented candles, and would love my room to smell like my favorite scents all night long, but you don’t want to go to sleep with a candle burning. A diffuser allows you to savor your favorite scents as you fall asleep without having to worry about any accidents.
  • To Set the Mood – Want your home to smell like Christmas? Add some peppermint oil and frankincense to the water. Want to create a peaceful, relaxing experience while taking a bath? Try rosemary oil.

What are some of your favorite ways to use essential oils?

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