Natural Product Review: Farmacy’s Honey Potion

I received Farmacy’s Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask with Echinacea GreenEnvy in a gift bag earlier this year from an awards program (it won!) and recently decided to give it a try since my skin has been going crazy…probably due to my recent sugar binge.

I decided to try this mask because it contains natural acne-fighting ingredients, although this isn’t marketed as an acne treatment. The main ingredients are:

Honey – Raw honey helps reduce inflammation caused by acne.
Propolis – This is a substance produced by bees to fill in honeycomb gaps and happens to be a strong antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral.
Royal Jelly – This is produced by bees to feed the Queen and it is an antibacterial powerhouse.
Echinacea GreenEnvy – This is a patent-protected variant of echinacea purpurea, which contains a high concentration of the phytochemical cichoric acid—a potent, natural antioxidant which helps all of the other bee ingredients work more effectively.

The mask is very relaxing and perfect to use when you want an at-home spa experience. The honey-like gel warms slowly as you massage it into your skin thanks to the glycerin used in the formula, and then forms a rich cream, which you leave on for 10-15 minutes. Since I had an outbreak, I liked how soothing and gentle the texture of the formula is, and of course, I enjoyed the warming experience.

When I removed the mask, my skin felt nourished and was glowing. One day later, I noticed that, although I do have one stubborn pimple left, the rest of my skin looks clearer than it did yesterday.

What I liked most about the brand is that it is formulated with naturally derived ingredients, and does not contain formaldehyde and artificial colorings.

The product retails for $56. Learn more about it on their website.

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