Bare Minerals Is Adding 12 New Shades for Diverse Skin Tones


When I was in college, I landed an internship to work at a PR firm that represented Bare Minerals, and was so was excited that I was finally going to have the opportunity to try one of the most talked about powder foundations on the market. But, that excitement was short-lived as I tried every shade and was disappointed to see that not a single one matched me. In order to get something that even resembled my complexion, I had to mix a light and deep shade together and settle for something that didn’t match 100 percent.

Recognizing the need to provide for more diverse skin tones, the company announced that they have expanded their iconic mineral foundation to include twelve new tones with various light to dark shades of cool to warm undertones. This is epic, as we live in a multicultural world, and more beauty companies need to cater to that.

The foundations are on sale now at Sephora and

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