Khoudia Diop on Embracing her Dark Skin

Khoudia Diop

When Khoudia Diop first burst on the scene, the model’s deep ebony skin immediately caught attention. In an interview with NBC, Diop recalled that she was bullied in school so much that she just stopped going.

“I was so ashamed of it that I would spend hours in the shower crying and trying to wash my skin off,” the Senegalese model said.

She has since appeared in numerous ad campaigns, and nicknamed herself the Melanin Goddess, which is also reflected in her Instagram handle where she inspires others with posts using hashtags such as #blackgirlsrock #melaninonfleek and #blackgirlmagic.

“I hear a lot from women in Africa. And not just from dark-skinned women but from all women struggling because of insecurity. They thank me and tell me that I inspire them. And that makes me feel really, really proud,” she told NPD.

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