Quest for the Perfect Blow-Out: Dry Bar NYC Review

Post by Jolevette

Ever since my hairdresser left New York City, I have been on the hunt to find a suitable replacement. I was very hesitant to trust my natural curly hair to just anyone. I wanted someone to not just blow out my hair when I wanted it straight, I wanted someone who would teach me how to take care of my unruly hair. Enter Drybar: “No Cuts. No Color. Just Blowouts.” Curious as to the quality of these blowouts, especially as someone with kinky curly hair, I booked an appointment at the Midtown location. The results – sleek, straight, luxurious hair.


Drybar comes with a menu similar to that of a bar. In fact, when you walk into the salon, the ambience is that of a bar made specifically for women. You can order a Straight Up, Manhattan, Mai Tai, Cosmo Tai, Martini and a few other drink type hairstyles. Each drink themed blowout comes with a different style from pin straight to curly to messy beach waves. I ordered the Manhattan. And my style came with a very helpful and knowledgeable hair stylist named Tamika. She gave me a fabulous wash with the Sake Bomb shampoo and conditioner. Tamika then walked me through the process of the products used in my hair, and how they are to be used. The Velvet Hammer, the Chaser, and the 100 Proof treatment oil were the list of ingredients for my Manhattan. At the end of my session, I had a blowout that appeared as if given from a goddess.

Here is my short list reasons why I plan on returning to Drybar for another blowout:

1) Price – A plain blowout costs only $45.00 (including the wash). You can choose add -ons for an additional price such as a scalp massage or a deep conditioning treatment.

2) Staff – The staff at the Midtown location were extra friendly and my hairdresser Tamika was more than knowledgeable about how to take care of my hair.

3) Atmosphere – The waiting area is colorful and full of snacks! Cookies and fruit infused water await you while you settle in for your appointment.

4) Quality Products – The products used on my hair for my blowout invigorated my senses. In fact days after, I still received questions from colleagues asking my what I was using in my hair!

5) Ease in booking – It is easy to make an appointment for a blowout. You can call, do it online, or download the Drybar app from the iTunes store. The online portion is great because if you have a specific request for your hair, you can make the notation. The app is not available for Android users like myself (this is my only complaint!).

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So if you need a hot blowout on a budget look no further than Drybar. They love your natural hair as much as you do!

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