Get Notified When Your Favorite Beauty Product Goes On Sale

I was scrolling through Instagram and saw the funniest quote, “I Could Stop Buying Makeup but I’m Not A Quitter.” I felt as if it were talking directly to me. Well, me and the millions of other women (and some men) who can’t walk past a cosmetics aisle before browsing, and eventually purchasing beauty products that we may or may not use. But, after a while, that need-to-have habit can quickly add up to credit card debt, so a new company has come out with a solution for the problem. Enter PrettyTracker, a new price tracking platform, here to make your cosmetics money-saving dreams come true.

Designed to save you money on all of your favorite beauty products from retailers ranging from Walgreens to Sephora, the online vanity will alert you when a product you want goes on sale. Here’s how it works: You create an account and then start searching for products to track (there’s a super helpful tutorial available to help with the sign up process), and wait to be notified when that pallet you’ve been eying goes on sale. You can also create a basket which will give you the opportunity to compare prices if you’re having a hard time deciding between two similar products.

Learn more on their website.

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