Natural Beauty Brand Spotlight: Cocokind

I was browsing the second floor of Saks and stumbled upon an all-natural, organic skin care brand called Cocokind. Founded by Priscilla Tsai, the products in the line are based around virgin coconut oil and plant-based superfoods, and are completely free of chemicals and preservatives. Uniquely, the offerings, which range from face powders to spot treatments, contain 5 ingredients or less.

The brand lists all of the ethically-sourced, food-grade ingredients it uses directly on its website, along with the benefits of each, so that you know how your skin will be helped by using the formulas.

Pictured above, is their Organic Rosewater Facial Toner ($17) designed to soften, hydrate and soothes skin, while also leaving skin refreshed. The image on the left is of their TURMERIC Spot Treatment (8.99) designed to combat acne.

Learn more on their website »

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