Here’s how you can wear makeup at the gym


I love fitness, so it’s only natural that while I’m scrolling through my Instagram I’m swooning over everyone’s gym Instapics. I’ve noticed the rise in the amount of people coordinating their athletic gear, as if they are on a fashion runway. But, in addition to their clothes, their makeup looks flawless. So, how can you look like a Nike ad after your sweat session you ask? Well, you could just not work out and go to the gym for the purpose of taking selfies so you look fit and active, or you can buy athleisure makeup. Yes, you heard right, this is a new category of makeup increasing in popularity, so you can take that flawless gym selfie. Birchbox launched their own line of gym inspired products, Arrow, and there’s also Sweat Cosmetics. Now, Tarte Cosmetics has recently launched its new athleisure skincare line which includes a mascara, highlighter, lip paint and tinted moisturizer. Take a look here. What do you think about wearing makeup at the gym?

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