Men in Cosmetics Campaigns. How do You Feel About It?

Katy Perry and James Charles (COVERGIRL)
Katy Perry and James Charles (COVERGIRL)

Typically, when a brand comes out with a new beauty product you would usually see the image of a very attractive female with flawless skin, wearing a gorgeous lip shade and beckoning you with seductive eyes. “You need this product if you want to look like me,” she would say to you through the ad and you believed her. But, would you believe a man? L’Oréal recently featured makeup artist Gary Thompson in an ad to promote its True Match campaign (video below); male beauty vloggers PatrickStarrr and Manny Mua participated in a campaign for Benefit Cosmetics; and, now CoverGirl has just tapped 17-year old makeup artist James Charles to be its first male spokesmodel to promote its So Lashy mascara campaign. All of these men have sizable social media followings and enviable brow skills, but do they make you more inclined to buy the product as a woman, or does it make more men comfortable with the idea of wearing makeup?

In the past we’ve covered the trend of men wearing makeup. Check out this article. How do you feel about it?

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