Do you trust me? Freesias

So far on this site, I covered beauty products inspired by lilacs and dahlias. Today, I bring you: freesias. Before this post, I don’t think I ever knew anything about freesias, strongly scented garden plants native to Africa. Apparently, theses dainty flowers are beloved worldwide, and because of their strong sweet/spicy scent, they are often used in a variety of beauty products, as well as candles and air fresheners. A freesia symbolizes fidelity, innocence and sweetness, and is the ultimate symbolism of eternal love, so step aside roses. It’s traditional to give freesias on the 7th wedding anniversary, the year when I guess, doubts arise, to reinforce faithfulness and trust. When I think of trust, I keep replaying the scenes in Aladdin, when the question “Do you trust me?” repeats so frequently that you just want to run into Aladdin’s scrawny, tan arms and scream “Yes!,” but I digress.

I’m not sure if a flower will ever get me to trust someone, but maybe the symbolism will inspire me to trust myself more often. Try wearing freesia scented products when you are in doubt or nervous, so you can begin to trust yourself. Because after all, if you don’t trust yourself who will?

  1. Bath & Body Works® Signature Collection CLASSICS Shower Gel, $9.50
  2. Oscar Sheer Freesia by Oscar De La Renta, $38.89
  3. Freesia Soap by fresh, $15.00
  4. Paddywax Freesia Large Tin Candle, $12.00
  5. Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia Body Cream, $75.00
  6. Simple Pleasures Grapefruit Freesia Hand Soap & Hand Lotion Caddy Gift Set, $8.00

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