The Art of Applying your Makeup in the Train

I ride the train every morning to work, and my favorite part of the ride is watching women do their makeup. I do not judge. In fact, I am absolutely impressed, and always stare in adoration of those who posses such a honed craft. I believe it takes a certain level of skill and self-confidence for a woman to do her makeup on the train. You have to be comfortable with people watching you cover up your dark circles, you have to be able to use eyeliner without poking your eyes out; and, you have to put up with people like me thinking that shade of red just doesn’t look quite right for your complexion.

I’ll admit to pulling out my small mirror and adding a few touch ups to my lipstick every now and then on the train. I’m also guilty of looking at my reflection in the subway car windows to make sure there are no flyaway hairs. But, I’ve never been brave enough as the many women I’ve seen, who pull out makeup pouches and proceed to do their entire makeup routine on the train.

Although, I am too much of a coward to actually attempt the act myself, here are some tips I’ve observed if you’re ever running late to work, and desperately need to “put on your face.”

1.  Have a makeup pouch ready with everything you need, so that you don’t go rummaging through your entire bag to find a tube of lipstick. You’ve already annoyed the person next to you when they were forced to inhale the scent of your mascara, so if you jab them with your elbow while looking through your bag, it could get ugly. You may want to invest in makeup pallets that come with everything you need for eyes, lips, and cheeks.

2.  Save the eye pencil and eye lash curler for the office bathroom, or get this part out of the way while waiting on the subway platform for the train. Trains can be unpredictable at times with the speed, rocking motions, and instant breaks. You can accidentally poke yourself in the eye when using the above two eye products.

3. Use solid or cream based makeup. The subway is no place to pull out your kabuki brush and apply your face powder in brisk circular motions. Powder makeup travels, and if the person next to you is wearing a white colored shirt and the shimmery pink eye shadow you were applying drifts their way, the last thing you are going to have to worry about is your makeup.

4. Carry baby wipes or Wet Ones ® Antibacterial Hand Wipes. Last time I checked, there are no bathrooms in commuter trains (although that would be awesome!). After applying, smudging and blending your makeup with your fingertips, use portable wet cloths to clean your hands.

5. Be comfortable with people staring at you. There is nothing to look at during a boring subway ride, so women applying makeup is a form of entertainment for straphangers. Also, you are, in fact, doing something that some people find offensive and feel should be done privately. So, if you are going to be applying makeup in the train, don’t give an attitude and dirty looks to the people staring your way. And, if the idea of having people stare at you makes you uncomfortable, just think about how uncomfortable you’re making the people around you feel.

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