Weird Ingredients lurking in your Beauty Products

The FDA announced that they will begin requiring companies to identify any products made with bug extract on their ingredients list, due to serve allergic reactions caused by beetle-based coloring additives. The beetle juice will be listed as cochineal extract or carmine, and is the main element responsible for making red lipstick the bright cherry shade women adore wearing. But, that’s not the only odd ingredient lurking within beauty products.

Diatomaceous earth, a component in dynamite, is sure to make you explode with beauty. It is used in deodorant, natural toothpastes, cuticle cream, and can even be found as a gentle exfoliater in beauty products.

Plastic, which we mainly use for packaging purposes, can be found in hair gel and hair spray, as it adds a protective barrier. Plastic is also responsible for making your waterproof mascara, waterproof.

Simethicone, the main ingredient in gas relief medicine, is used in some hair products to tame flyaway hairs.

Crave shiny, luxurious hair? Some hair salons have begun using bull semen, which is said to add high shine and softness to dull hair.

Now that you know about some of these weird additions in your beauty products, will you start reading labels on your products more closely?

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