Jewelry with Meaning – Satya Jewelry

It’s not every day that women put on their jewelry and equate it with meanings like inspiration, hope or inner peace, but that is exactly what the collection of Satya Jewelry is all about. Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a special Satya Jewelry sample sale for bloggers. Founded by designers and longtime friends, Satya and Beth, the jewelry is inspired by their travels around the world. The pieces feature a variety of elements such as ancient Indian coins, Sanskrit words and healing gemstones. In fact, all of the stones that adorn the jewelry are selected because of their healing properties. The moonstone, for example, is the stone of hope and according to Satya’s website, “nurtures the wisdom that helps us find strength in challenging situations.” A full explanation of gemstones and their meaning can be found here.

The one-of-a-kind pieces feature stunning necklaces in addition to other accessories.

The collection is very unique, and it was so hard to pick out just a few items surrounded in a sea of beautiful and unique handmade earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and cuffs.

My favorite gems from the event.

Although I wouldn’t characterize the jewelry as ornaments to wear to stand out in a crowd, all of the items in the collection have a quiet elegance, and there is beauty in the simplicity of the designs that make for great conversation pieces. Take for example the turquoise necklace pictured above in the center. It’s a very simple design, yet striking.

I was instantly drawn to beautiful pink bracelets accessorized with the peace symbol. The pink stones are actually faceted cherry quartz (featured in the lower right corner in the picture above). Cherry quartz represents harmony, which balances the mind, emotions and relationships. I’ve had so much fun matching the stones to their meanings, just think about what a great gift idea this is! You can, for example, give a Ganesha Pendant to someone who is dealing with a lot of problems, as the Ganesha represents strength and fortitude and is “the remover of obstacles and bestower of success.”

Attendees listen to the meaning behind the gemstones and symbols.

A percentage of the all sales are donated to children’s organizations via the company’s nonprofit, the Satya Foundation. The sample sale opens to the public today. Check out more of the Satya jewelry collection here»

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