Clean Beauty Find: Brown Butter Beauty

With just one year of e-commerce distribution under its belt, Brown Butter Beauty is quickly developing a cult following.

Two of its hair care products, Babassu Deep Conditioner and Beauty Sweet Milk Detangling Leave in Hair Conditioner, have won’s 2017 Editor’s Choice Awards and the brand has been written about by numerous publications including Essence, TimeOut and Vogue.

The artisan small-batch beauty company, was started by Christine Gant, who began making her hair and skin care products as a side hobby, while working as a photographer full-time. She originally sold her products at local craft fairs before transitioning to online in 2017 in response to growing demand and buzz.

Based in Brooklyn, New York, the company is best known for its curly, wavy, coily hair products, but also produces body oils, face serums, scrubs and masks. All products are infused with natural oils, clays and botanicals and are free of paraben and preservatives.

“I have established guidelines that carefully limits the amounts and manner in which fragrances are used in my products,” says Christine on her website. “I only use fragrances at concentrations and conditions which have been shown to be safe according to the safety data sheets supplied by the ingredient manufactures. My products range from 90% – 100% naturally derived ingredients.”

All of the packaging is made from recyclable materials and the company does not test on animals.

To learn more, visit the brand’s website.

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