NYC: Here’s How You Can Attend Fashion Week Shows

Access to New York Fashion week is a privilege awarded to a select few of industry influencers, tastemakers and press. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t still attend fashion shows, and enjoy the experience of seeing the latest fashions on the runway. Enter Couture Fashion Week, a fashion show that you can attend at an affordable cost (prices start at $50). Click here to see the full price options.

The shows take place at the chic Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan and showcases amazing international designers. Below are some of the links to past Couture Fashion Week shows I’ve covered in the past, so you can have an idea of the incredible types of designs you’ll see and want to post all over your Instagram feed.

I’m excited to attend and hope to see you there. To secure your spot, click here.

Couture Fashion Week New York Recap: Opera Recycles
Couture Fashion Week New York Showcases Native Designers
Couture Fashion Week – Isabel Zapardiez – Couture Bridal Designs

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