Wellness Inspiration: Black Girl In Om

Founder: Lauren Ash, a creative writer, yoga and meditation teacher founded the website, and was recently named as one of ESSENCE’s top “33 Self-Care Sistahs That Helped Redefine Wellness in 2017.”

What is it: Black Girl In Om (BGIO) is a platform for women of color who are looking for wellness/self-care/self-empowerment tips and inspiration, which the company offers via an online publication, podcasts and in-person events.

How to navigate: The brand’s blog, Om, features articles on various topics broken down by four categories: Mind, Body, Soul and Space. The podcasts, which features “movers and shakers” and has reached more than half a million listeners, are displayed in order with the most recent one listed first. Each segment can easily be listed to online for free or by subscribing via iTunes or Google Play.

Stand-out features: Each month, the website features interviews with “BGIO Beauties” who embody ideals of the brand. So far, the site has profiled holistic health coaches, yoga instructors, bloggers, editors, healers and more, who share their stories, words of wisdom, mission and favorite wellness products.

Learn more: http://www.blackgirlinom.com/

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