Top Tips I Leaned at the Credo Beauty/Joyous Health Event

Last month I attended an event at Credo Beauty featuring Joy McCarthy who is the Founder of Joyous Health and a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. I attended the event because I was interested in learning about detoxing as part of wellness journey, but does everyone need to detox? Well, according to Joy, it couldn’t hurt. We are all exposed too various toxins on a regular basis ranging from the personal care products we use to daily pollution. Here are some of the top tips she shared:

1. If you are looking to detoxify your beauty routine, but don’t know where to start, think about the product that spends the most amount of time on your body and switch that out first. For me, this used to be my face moisturizer, which I have since swapped out for natural oil. Read why I switched to an all-natural skin care routine here. Credo Beauty offers an in-store service where guests can bring in a bag of their current products and the trained staff will help them find non-toxic alternatives.

2. Beauty sleep is real. Your skin regenerates itself at night, so it’s critical to get some shut-eye.

3. If you’re not having regular bowl movements, then excess hormones are not being eliminated from your body, which could result in it settling in your body’s tissues. If you need help with regularity, Joy recommended trying bitters, which aids in stabilizing bowel movements.

4. Every time you eat is a chance to boost your beauty. Avoid processed products and incorporate anti-inflammatory foods, such as turmeric, into your diet. She has a yummy turmeric ginger tea recipe on her website.

The first 30 guests to arrive at the event received gift bags filled with natural supplements and beauty products (pictured in the main image above). I’m excited to test them all out and report back, so stay tuned!

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