Louis Vuitton New York Exhibition Review: Volez, Voguez, Voyagez

Post by Jolevette

The Louis Vuitton Volez, Voguez, Voyagez exhibit, located at the American Stock Exchange, takes you through the history of the famed handbag designer, Monsieur Vuitton, who, interestingly enough, did not originally make handbags. Upon entering, visitors are able to learn about the humble beginnings of the trunk maker. Vuitton left his mountain village Anchay in 1835 and traveled by foot to Paris, where he began work as a meat box maker. Vuitton later found his own company designing trunks for every new mode of traveling:

By Boat (En Bateau)

The steamer bags were popular for those who had frequent travels by boat. This bag could be folded and stored in a trunk. It was modern in size and capabilities because it mean one could travel light.

By Automobile (En Voiture)

A sight seen frequently was the Louis Vuitton trunk with the LV monogram on the backs of the newly invented automobile. Briefcases, picnic trunks, and for doctors medical supplies, the car trunk was for short trips around town.

By Plane (En Avion)

When flying became popular, Louis Vuitton again adapted created bags that were portable and ready for flight.

By Trains (En Train)

The exhibit then puts you on a train showing the various wardrobe drunks and luggage that traveled various distances using trains. Louis Vuitton went may places!

And of course there were more trunks with various designs!

Fashion (Mode)
Of course, you can’t not find a celebrity not carrying monogrammed suitcase or bag by Louis Vuitton! The designer also made stunning designs for celebrities.

Music (La Musique)

Customers also contact LV for personalized creations. This included cases for instruments.

Perfume (Parfum)

Monsieur’s Vuitton’s grandson Gaston Vuitton created the first fragrance for the company. At one point, perfumes were stopped in production. Now, the fragrance line is back with new scents and all can be sampled at the exhibit.

Louis Vuitton in America (Louis Vuitton en Amérique)

Last stop is Louis Vuitton loves America! The exhibit ends with a fashion show of designs from the designer worn by many American celebrities. There is also a showcase of LV handbags most frequently worn on shoulders of American women.

On your way out, you can see a bagmaker at work weaving handles and shaping bags. There is also a small gift shop. But the best gift is the free pintrill on your way out!

The exhibit is open until January 1, 2018. So take a trip with Louis Vuitton!

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