How My Quest for a Natural Acne Treatment Began

When I was in high school I suffered from horrible acne so I jumped on the Proactiv bandwagon, which I used consistently into my mid-20s. During the time I was using it, my skin did clear up and looked great for years until it suddenly stopped working. I did a ton of research online and found articles and message board postings from people who had the same issue, so I realized there was something bigger here. I looked up Proactiv’s main acne-fighting ingredient on the CDC’s website which states that short-term exposure of benzoyl peroxide can cause irritation to the skin, eyes and respiratory tract; and, long-term it can cause skin sensitization. What was I really putting on my skin? And, most importantly how was it affecting my health? This article is no means meant to bash the Proactiv brand, which has since launched a non-benzoyl peroxide option, as many over-the-counter brands use this and other potentially harmful chemicals in their acne-clearing products. This article is meant to alert you that there may be some hidden dangers in the products meant to help you.

When I realized that I was using harmful chemicals to cure my acne, I wanted to find a natural remedy, so after doing extensive research, I discovered tea tree oil and several other natural essential oils, which I mix into my face serums and oils to treat my acne naturally. But, this wasn’t the only trick. Right before I started my new natural acne regimen, I did a juice detox for three days and completely changed my diet. Since then, I have been able to clear my acne, and although I have occasional flare ups which I treat with self-made tinctures, it feels good to use something I know is safe.

Let me know if you’ve discovered any natural acne treatments.

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