Natural Brand Product Review: Honest Beauty Magic Balm

Last year, received Honest Beauty’s Magic Balm in a gift bag and have not been able to let go of it ever since. The product comes enclosed in a transparent case which elevates the presentation to something that feels very luxe. Peering through the container is the honey-peach tinted formula made with a blend of organic fruit and botanical oils. Although it does have a color tint, once you apply the unscented product, it goes on sheer and melts into the skin smoothly.

What I like most about the balm is that it’s multipurpose and can be used for several different things. I have one at my desk at work that I use to moisturize my lips and hands and also have one in my beauty bag that I use to tame my eyebrows or prime highlighter so that it pops. I sometimes even use it to tame flyaway hairs in between meetings. It’s very small and lightweight to very easy to carry around or just slip in a pocket.

The balm is made with organic ingredients and is formulated without parabens, gluten, silicones, petrolatum, synthetic fragrances or dyes. Lear more about it here.

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