When I first launched my blog in 2010, I had no goals. I just loved beauty and fashion and while working in the health care industry, I desperately needed a creative outlet to showcase my passion. I didn’t care if anyone read it, because I was doing it for me.

Fast forward a few years later, I was able to land my dream job as a full-time beauty editor (which I love); however, my blog suffered greatly since I didn’t have time to work on it anymore. Last year, I decided to “put the pedal to the metal” and revitalize the blog while balancing my full-time career. During this time, I learned some time-management tips that could be helpful for anyone else in the same position.

1. Ask for help – When I first launched my blog it was a solo project, but it’s hard to constantly produce content so that the blog doesn’t lose steam. I sometimes ask my family and friends to attend events and cover for me, or, I send them products to test and review. They all get a byline, so it’s an extra bonus for them to include the links on their resume. I also accept freelance opportunities from other writers looking to build their portfolio. If interested, you can submit an inquiry here.

2. Dreams don’t work unless you do.  OK, so you work a 9-5, which depending on your schedule, can turn into a 9-7 or even longer. In order to still get my job done and balance the needs of my blog, I sometimes walk with a small laptop and when possible, on my lunch break I go to a park or public space and write a few articles. On my commute home, I work on planning my Instagram feed, write captions and organize hashtags for each post. When I get home, after decompressing I do at least one thing for my blog. This can be making a list of ideas for upcoming posts, taking photos, researching industry news…etc. On the weekends I usually attend events, take photos for the blog/social media and write a few posts. It’s worth noting that if this is something you are passionate about, it won’t feel like work to always be working on it. But, at the same time, don’t let it take over your life to the point that you isolate everyone else around you.

3. Ditch anyone who prevents your “glow up.” I am lucky to be surrounded by family and friends who understand that I need to devote time to my blog to help it grow, and they love to particpate in making my dreams happen. If the people around you aren’t supportive or make you feel guilty for not spending time with them, remove them from your circle. The last thing you want is to see other people shining, and you’re left with would-of, could-of and should-of. That said, don’t become neglectful to the needs of your loved ones, but be cognizant of anyone trying to eclipse your sunshine.

4. It’s OK to take a break. Sometimes my job is very demanding and I’m too tired to do anything else. Sometimes I just want to spend half a day just sleeping. Sometimes I prefer to dedicate my weekends to spending time with my family. Know that it is completely fine to not post several times a week. You don’t need to let everyone on social media know what you are doing via Instagram stories on the daily. Unplug yourself every now and then, because you will get burnt out, and it will show in your output.

What other time management tips do you all have?

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