Proctor & Gamble Becomes First Company To Disclose Fragrance Ingredients

Turn over the bottle of almost any beauty product and you will see “fragrance” listed on the ingredients list. But, what you may not know is “fragrance” may be a combination of several chemicals that are linked to health concerns. Very few brands actually disclose what is included in the fragrance concoctions they use in their products, putting you, the consumer, in a very bad place when it comes to selecting safe products.

Last week Proctor & Gamble (P&G), who owns brands such as Herbal Essences and Olay announced that it will be publishing the fragrance ingredients of all of its products in the US and Canada, down to the 0.01 percent by 2019. It will all be available online so that you can make informed decisions about the products, making P&G the first company to disclose this level of fragrance detail across its brands.

The company is planning on taking the additional step of also listing where else fragrance ingredients can be found, such as everyday fruits and foods. P&G will first focus this effort on its fabric, home (it owns Tide and Febreze) and beauty care products, since that’s where there is the greatest consumer interest, and will eventually expand across its other product categories and geographies over time.

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