Top Brands Seen at Indie Beauty Expo 2017

Post by Jolevette

We here at Mixed Ego are all about getting the word out about natural and organic beauty. So, it was only fitting that we paid a visit to the 2017 Indie Beauty Expo where many of the all-natural and organic beauty suppliers shared their products to the masses. With three large rooms filled with vendors, there were a ton products to sample, so I rounded up just a few of brands that caught my attention.

I Am Organic- Natural Skin Care

Driven by her desire to find organic bath care and to help her eczema, the founder crafted these products with natural scents that aims to provide effective performance on the skin and smell amazing while doing so. The scents are truly incredible, and include citrus, eucalyptus, lavender and rosemary and coconut and green tea (my favorite being Coconut and Green Tea). Not only did the fragrance of the products have me hooked, the feel and longtime wear won me over. I walked the entire conference wearing it, and even upon returning home and taking a shower, my skin was still smooth and felt extremely nourished where the sample was applied.

Check this product out if you truly want to have an organic skin care routine. The company also makes sugar scrubs and body balm.

Bio Milk

I used to think that milk was only something that I put into my cereal in the morning, but Bio Milk has proven me wrong. I stopped by this vendor and was surprised to find that all of her products are milk-based. This line boasts the power of probiotics within products that are meant to be used at certain times of the day (almost like a daily skin care menu). The products felt great on my skin, and I was told provides nourishment externally as well as internally (hence, the use of probiotics).

The process used to produce this nutrient/probiotic rich formula is very scientific, and is promoted as adding nutritional value to your everyday skin care routine.


Not only was the booth set up adorable, the products are friendly, too! Cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and made from non-toxic ingredients, this one-stop-shop brand is another option for those looking for to change their skin care routine to an all-natural one. There are deodorants, body washes, creams, and cosmetic galore – including vegan makeup. All products are moisture rich and smell great.

Well Within – Plant Based Beauty

My favorite thing about this brand is that the owners take a holistic approach to beauty from the inside out, with a solution for all skin concerns. Not only are the products plant-based, organic and natural, on its website you can access information on how take care of yourself both inside and out. I signed up for the newsletter and this week, which gives access to resources for Functional Medicine as well as what foods to eat internally to nourish your skin.

What made this experience better was actually talking to one of the co-founders, Lynne Florio, who was really excited to share her products with me. This is exactly what we should want as consumers – people who care about the individual as a whole and who enjoy doing it. This is a brand definitely worth looking into if you are interested not only in skin care, but how it our overall health is interconnected!

Moonlit Skincare

I saved the best for last! My favorite thing to do? Sleep. And lately I have not been getting enough, which is not good! It is bad for your skin and your health to not get enough sleep, since our bodies repair at night and we need to rest in order to renew ourselves and our skin. Moonlit Skincare products work while you sleep. So while you are dreaming of your next vacation to Bali or running from a GOT dragon, the night serum, which is smooth and lightweight on the skin, works its night magic. You may wake up with supple and moisturized skin and more energized from the deep sleep supplied by its lavender scent.

The brand also sells eye masks and silk pillows which aims to aid in the night rejuvenation process.

I would couple this brand with Arianna Huffington’s recent book called, “The Sleep Revolution.” The book details how out society has driven us to the point of exhaustion and explains how sleep deprivation can affect your overall health. But fear not, follow Ms. Huffington’s advice and you will soon be sleeping your way to the top of your career.

The skin is the largest organ on the body and we have to treat it right. These are just a few options to nourish your skin without using toxic ingredients. As always, be sure to consult with your primary care physician regarding any health concerns.

Happy trails on your path to proper and healthy skin care!

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