M.AC “Next To Nothing” Review

Post by Jolevette

M.A.C Next To Nothing Powder / Pressed

When Alicia Keys announced that she would no longer be wearing make-up, it was a decision that shocked the world. But, I recently saw a commercial that showed the words “Be” and the letter “U” as a part of the word “beautiful.” And that is what the diva wanted to be: herself; beautiful with no makeup is required. This is what everyone should strive to be – his or her own kind of beautiful. But for some, makeup  creates that look. It makes them who they are. This is how they express themselves. It could be dramatic eyes and lips, for example. For others, it might be a more simple and natural look – nothing caked on or over the top, just something that shows who they are….but can still cover a zit. Enter MAC and its new “Next to Nothing” line. These products promise a flawless and natural look with a lightweight feel, essentially to give the appearance that you have no make-up on. I stopped into the MAC store on Fifth Avenue for the “Next to Nothing” launch demo event to try it for myself.

I was assisted by a very knowledgeable make-artist named Paul, a seven year MAC veteran, who promised that this line would have me glowing…and glowing I was. The “Next to Nothing” foundation is similar to silk. It went on very light and thin on my skin. Very little was used and it didn’t miss a spot! It covered the red marks from my glasses and evened out the dark circles under my eyes. With no powder yet, my skin was literally glowing and it was not because of the lighting in the store. Next, Paul followed up with the “Next to Nothing” powder. As it was gently patted on, the power felt almost as thin as the foundation. I could barely feel it and I still looked like I had on very little makeup if not any at all.

Conclusion: this line lives up to its name. It is lightweight and barely there. What makes this line even better is its long day hold. Ten hours later, after marching in the Tartan Day parade, shopping, and dinner, my foundation was still in place keeping my goddess glow.

So, if you want a natural look, but are not as brazen as Alicia Keys, stop into your nearest MAC store and check out this line.

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