Long Overdue Event Recap: L’Oréal’s Galantine Party

On the eve before Valentine’s Day, my sister joined me for L’Oréal’s Galantine event.

It’s rare that I get invited to a press event, where they actually encourage you to bring a plus one, but for L’Oréal’s Galantine themed event, I was asked to bring a BFF, and it was a no-brainer that I chose my sister. We took an oversized elevator within West Edge in Chelsea up to the main event. The doors opened to reveal a sea of pink and copious supplies of L’oréal Paris’ new Infallible Paints Collection. We stopped by a selfie booth for photos, as this is a long-standing tradition we do at any event that has one (we always gift the photos to my mom who delightfully accepts it as if she won an Oscar).

Next, we headed over to a station where we were able to have extensions that were tinted with L’Oréal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Color. I got pink extensions, and she opted for the red.

After we had our makeover, we ran into Shayla Mitchell and Patrick Starr. I was so nervous to ask them for a picture, but my sister has guts of steal (and also newly appointed herself to Legal Business Manger), so she grabbed them and I got a photo with each!

We then stopped by an arts and crafts table to make cards while chasing down the waiters who were passing around the most delicious nibbles that ranged from mini grilled cheese burgers to cupcakes.

After participating in all the many fun activities, we snatched up all the free goodies that were free for the taking, like greedy little children, and made our way back into the oversized elevator.

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