K-Beauty Trend Alert: Wine-Infused Makeup

From snail masks to tattoo lipsticks, the Korean beauty market has brought us exciting, and sometimes scary innovations that make us at the very least, intrigued. Korean brands are known for their creativity and whimsical packaging and beauty brand Labiotte is no exception. The company has an assortment of eye and lip products that contain grape wine extract within its cutesy mini wine-bottle packaging. There are two different mascaras to choose from, eyeshadow pallets (Dry Wine and Sweet Wine) and an assortment of six lip balms in different shades and flavors. Even their lip balm, Chateau Labiotee, is infused with French Chateau Margaux wine extract for the elevated wine connoisseur. I don’t think you can get drunk off of this, but if you love wine, you may need to reapply the lip products often. Visit their website to learn more. winelibalmwinemascara

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