False Eyelashes Game Changer: Flirt Cosmetics Flashes Lash Applicator

Amber Rose
Amber Rose

OK. So I love the way falsies make my eyes look, I mean who doesn’t want to have a seductive, “come hither” gaze. But, I tend to stay away from false lashes because I find them way too difficult to put on, especially the strips that you have to measure against your eye and cut. Unless you’re a YouTube beauty vlogger, you probably go through the same challenges I do, but fear no more, as Flirt Cosmetics Flashes Lash Applicator launched yesterday and is a game changer. We’re talking you can look like your favorite Instagram guru with just a few clicks.

How it works: Lashes are stored in a small container, that, to be honest, looks like a white-out tape dispenser. You click on the package, which dispenses false lash buds (the container holds about 40), and when your lash bud comes out, you add the glue, press them in place, and then repeat until you get the desired look. So, no more bending and maneuvering lash strips to fit your eye. Using the lash buds allows you to control just how natural or dramatic you want your eyes look. Amber Rose, who is the face of the brand, used the product on the Dancing with the Stars premiere. Check out the video below to see the product in action.

It’s available online now for $28.

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