New Semi-Permanent Smooth Lock in-salon service and At-Home Regimen

Yesterday I attended the press preview event for Redken’s new Semi-Permanent Smooth Lock in-salon service and retail line. This innovative new salon service and at-home regimen will be launching in early July, just in time for the summer when hair is most vulnerable to frizz. Whether hair is straight or curly, the 2-step heat-activated service is able to smooth strands, for a frizz-free result that lasts up to 10 shampoos and cuts styling time almost in half. Smooth Lock is not a straightening system; instead, it temporarily relaxes hair using a combination of heat fuse complex, almond oil and Interlock Protein Network (technology that delivers proteins to repair hair from the inside out). The result is silky smooth, manageable hair that’s easy to style.

The new Smooth Lock 2-step system dramatically reduces frizz and impoves hair’s manageability.

This system is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a laborious amount of time damaging their hair with hot styling tools in an effort to eliminate frizz. I’m excited about this service because I spend hours straightening my naturally curly hair, and as soon as I go outside, my perfectly polished locks channel their inner Diana Ross and I’m back to square one. Since, the heat fuse complex creates a protective barrier against humidity, I won’t have to worry about this problem anymore (I love you Diana, but I can’t rock an afro of curls at work!).

Check it out: One side of this model’s hair is dried naturally with no products. The second side was treated with Semi-Permanent Smooth Lock service and flat ironed.

The Semi-Permanent Smooth Look Technique is not just valuable to people like me who want to smooth out their curls; it is also useful for women who wish to have curly or wavy hair. There are currently four different service options offered: The Ultra Straight Technique, The Curl Refining Technique, The Smooth Wave Technique, and an Express Smooth Service. The entire smoothing process takes about 45 minutes, and can be performed very 3 to 6 weeks.

Relaxed tresses can be maintained at home with The Smooth Lock retail line, which features heat-activated formulas, including Heat-Glide leave-in protective smoother, which reduces frizz by 92% and lasts up to 48 hours. The products can be used alone, or in combination with the in-salon service, and range in price from $15-$17.

Rodney Cutler, Redken Brand Ambassador and owner of Cutler/Redken salons, was on hand to provide information on the service and product line.

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