Sea Class Collection by Finn & Company

This summer escape to your favorite beach destination with the Sea Class Collection by Finn & Company. Finn & Co is a luxury skin care line produced by a mother/daughter team based in Maine. The duo creates products for women who would rather care for their skin naturally, and avoid the risk of procedures to look youthful. The company’s aromatic Sea Class collection contains two fabulous fragrances: Black Sand and White Sand.

I absolutely adore the White Sand collection. The lightweight Body Cream ($48) melts onto skin and instantly hydrates it. It has a refreshing aromatic citrus undertone, and when used together with the fragrance spray ($36), the sweetly perfumed scent lasts all day long. I receive tons of compliments from strangers whenever I use the White Sand products.

Sugary-sweet isn’t your preference? Then try the products in the Black Sand collection. Black Sand has a soft musky scent, that’s very soothing. The Black Sand Body Cream ($48) feels a little bit richer than the White Sand, for those of you who prefer a little extra hydration.

The body creams for both fragrances are infused with exotic coco butter and apricot oil, so they walk a fine line between being body oil and lotion. This isn’t a bad thing. The oil base of the creams allows them to dissolve into skin for a surge of moisture; and, there are no worries of streaks and no need for vigorous rubbing to get the products absorbed. Best of all, they are great for all skin types. To learn more about Finn & Co click here»

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