Floral Arrangements for your Nails

Sephora by OPI in Natural Environ-mint.

For my vacation, my sister decided send me off in style – with fabulous nails. Since I’m going to a tropical island, I wanted a light color that reminded me of the sky or the ocean, so we chose Sephora by OPI in Natural Environ-mint. This was the same color we used when we re-created the Sephora by OPI Cherry Blossom Nail Design a few months ago. Click here to read that post.

In addition to a tropical color, I also wanted flowers, so we used the Konad Image Plate M3 along with the Konad Stamping Nail Art kit to create a floral pattern. Here are the steps to get the look.

1. Apply a base coat. We used Sephora by OPI base coat nail polish.

2. Apply the nail color. Test out any color you like. Coral is this season’s hottest new color, so you can give that a  try is you’re not crazy about the blue.

3. Use the Konad Stamping Nail Art kit along with the plate m3. The kit comes with instructions on how to use it. But, basically all you do is apply nail polish to the design, scrape of the excess, use the rubber stamp to pick up the design, and stamp it onto your nail.

After following Step 3, this is what your nails should look like.

4.Apply a top coat over the design for extra staying power. We used Konad’s Top Coat.

5. Just for a little extra jazz (i love anything that blings), we added silver nail polish in the center of each flower. We used Kiss Brush-on Nail Art in SPA10.

5. We finished it off with Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails hardener, which can also be worn alone to protect nails from breakage.

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