Sexy Gym Workouts

English: Pole dance
English: Pole dance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Traditional workouts are a thing of the past. Gone are the days when women attended fitness sessions reminiscent of their high school gym classes. Now, you can attend can attend sultry classes that will let you burn calories and break out a sweat while, in the words of Ludacris, “shaking your money-maker like somebody ’bout to pay ya.”

Pole Dancing

Perhaps the most popular sexy gym workout sweeping the nation is pole dancing. Yes, that’s right, the pole is not just for strip clubs anymore, as many fitness chains and private studios are springing up all over the place offering the saucy aerobic exercise which allows you to enhance posture; develop upper body and core strength, and improve flexibility. And, believe me you have to be flexible in a class that requires you to hold yourself upside down on a pole while spreading your legs in a V shape over your head. Many who take pole dancing classes believe that it improves their self-confidence and is a fun way to burn calories. It should be noted that there are many dangers of attempting pole dancing, so it is necessary to find a certified professional pole dance instructor to teach you how to “work” the pole safely.

Check classes out at: S Factor

Exotic Chair

Another new sensual fitness craze is exotic chair dancing.  I recently tried a class at Crunch Gym called Hot Seat, and let me tell you, it really was a workout. After learning a high intense cardio routine with our very special prop, a chair, all of the women in the class were panting and sweating heavily. We also spent 10 minutes of the class using the chair to assist us in a very intense abs workout.  By the end of the class I went home knowing a sexy chair routine, and feeling very liberated.

Check classes out at: Crunch Gym


Burlesque is another sexy fitness phenomenon.  With props such as feather boas, fans, fishnets and high heels, flirty participants shimmy their way to better fitness. While dancing to upbeat music, participants heart rates are increased, and they are able to isolate and strengthen certain muscles while doing core work on the chairs.

Check classes out at: NY School of Burlesque


Lastly, women can channel their inner Shakira by taking bellydancing classes, and in the words of the Ying Yang Twins, “shake it like a salt shaker.” Benefits of the workout include strengthening and tightening abs and obliques, as well as toning arms. Since there is a lot of shaking and isolations, bellydancing is a great cardiovascular workout and helps increase energy and strength.

Check classes out at: Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

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