Sexy Gym Workouts

Traditional workouts are a thing of the past. Gone are the days when women attended fitness sessions reminiscent of their high school gym classes. Now, you can attend can attend sultry classes that will let you burn calories and break out a sweat while, in the words of Ludacris, “shaking your money-maker like somebody ’bout to pay ya.” Pole Dancing Perhaps the most popular sexy … Continue reading Sexy Gym Workouts

Getting Pretty at the Gym

As I mentioned in the past, I love going to the gym. One thing that always surprises me is when I see women apply makeup BEFORE their workout only to return to the locker room with foundation-colored sweat running down their faces and smeared raccoon eyes. Now if you insist on doing this, allow me to suggest waterproof and sweat proof cosmetics. That aside, many … Continue reading Getting Pretty at the Gym