Makeup for Men: Guyliner & Manscara

Launched in 2008, Taxi Man's makeup collection includes "Manscara" and "Guy-Liner"

It seems that men these days are just as much concerned about their appearance as females. It’s no secret that male celebrities are smothered in foundation for photo and movie shoots. But, lately, I’ve notice a major trend among straight celebrity men: guyliner and manscara. That’s right ladies, men are slowly starting to catch on to the secret weapons we use to define our eyes. Apparently, men are now less ashamed of wearing cosmetics, and it’s becoming more acceptable for them to wear products such as mascara and eyeliner, and still be macho. There is even a male cosmetics line called Taxi Man, which features chunkier versions of eyeliner and mascara that are made to be man-friendly since men have bigger hands than women. What do you think about this trend? Does it make a man less masculine or should we open up our makeup bags and start sharing?

Russell Brand is rarely photographed without wearing eyeliner and mascara.
Johnny Depp sports a traditional smokey eye at the World premiere of "The Tourist."
Jared Leto from the band "30 Seconds to Mars" wears thick eyeliner. (Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images)
Justin Bieber wears eyeliner on the cover Todateen Star.

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