Jimmy Choo launching shoe collection for men

“I’ve lost my Choo!” This famous line was uttered by a frantic Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) in a scene in Sex & the City when she loses one side of her beloved Jimmy Choo shoes while trying to catch the Staten Island ferry. This winter/autumn 2011, you may hear a man repeat these same exact words, because Jimmy Choo, the women’s luxury designer company, has recently unveiled collection of footwear for men. The collection, which debuted this week at Milan’s Fashion Week, includes Oxfords, biker boots, sneakers, loafers and a wide range of evening slippers with prices ranging from $595 and $1,095, in addition to a $9,000 boot made of real crocodile skin. The line has been described as reminiscent of ‘70s Mayfair playboy, and features an assortment of footwear designs from classically understated to colorful animal prints. The line is expected to be available online for purchase by the summer, and may also be offered at select department stores.

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