Look like Oprah in 5 minutes

While you can’t be on the cover of Forbes magazine standing next to Oprah, you can at least copy her makeup look thanks to a collaboration between her makeup artist Reggie Wells and Hissyfit Cosmetics. Wells, who recently took on the role as Creative Director for Hissyfit, created Clockpots, a portable face palette that offers women the ability to makeover themselves in 5-minutes.

There are 3 different clockpots separately available for the face, eyes and cheeks (oddly, there isn’t one available for lips). Each one is comprised of an assortment of expertly selected color combinations enclosed within a shiny, round compact to suit a variety of skin tones. The goal is to take guesswork out of makeup application. Each clockpot comes with instructions on how to apply the shades clockwise around your face to achieve a perfectly finished look in minutes.

How much does it cost to achieve a flawless makeup application in under 5 minutes? Anywhere from $60-$65. The clockpots became available for sale to the general public on December 1st.  Buy now»

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