A Beautiful Cause: Donate the products that make you look good, so you can feel good

I used to work in the beauty industry. Needless to say I had the lucky fortune of being surrounded by shelves upon shelves of every beauty product imaginable with the ability to take home whatever and how much I wanted.  And, like any kid in a free candy store, it’s very easy to get greedy. So, now that those days are behind me (a good four years later), I now find myself with a major problem: I am a beauty junkie.

I opened my closet last week, and to my surprise mountains of products that I have collected over the years from past jobs and my own greedy shopping, all fell down like an avalanche on top of me. One by one, products I forgot I had (and some I wondered why I had), lunged at me angrily, and when it was all over, I came to the realization that they all had to go. But where?

Every beauty junkie goes through this at least once year, if not more. And like a squirrel hoarding nuts for the winter, we simply pick the beauty items back up and safely nestle them back into the closet until the forces of nature causes them to fall again. I do not know why I hang on to all the beauty products I have, or why I keep buying more when I already have so much. I don’t even like makeup. Yet, on my vanity sits 16 shades of blush (unopened), 31 eye shadows (unopened; I have sensitive eyes, so I never wear the stuff), and 22 lipstick tubes from different brands (some opened, some regrets, and some for my mood swings). And these are the products only on my vanity! I have tons more in suitcases, in the closet, under the bed, and in plastic container organizers. (I’m sure that there is some psychoanalysis behind my desire to have products and not use them, see this earlier post).

With the holidays coming up, I decided the best thing to do would be to donate my avalanche of beauty products to people who need it more that I do. After some research here are several different places that accept beauty product donations. And, if you are like me, and have tons of unused beauty products, please consider donating to one of these causes:

Operation Shoebox

Operation Shoebox sends letters, care packages and other beneficial items to troops deployed oversees. Some of the beauty items they collect are shampoo, deodorant, sunscreen and hand lotion. See here for the full list of items they accept»

Beauty Bus Foundation

Beauty Bus foundation is a non-profit that travels to the homes of clients to provide in-home beauty and grooming services to people with chronically or terminally ill conditions and their primary care givers. The organization accepts all beauty-related items such as manicure/pedicure products and tools, makeup, skin care, hair care products, and hair appliances. All donations are tax-deductible. Click here to learn how you can donate»

Domestic Violence Shelters

Research local domestic violence shelters in your area. Most of the women that go to domestic violence shelters have nothing else but the clothes they arrived wearing. Any grooming and beauty products that you can donate will be greatly appreciated.

Swap Party

Donated to all the above and still have a mountain of products left? Have a swap party with all of your other beauty junkie friends. You can also swap beauty products on MakeupAlley.com.

Happy donating.



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