Clean Beauty Brand Review: LaFlore

I’d like to introduce you to a completely clean, nontoxic skin care line I’ve been using for the last week and a half called LaFlore.

If you’ve never heard of it before, then, you’re welcome, because once you discover this organic, plant-based brand and actually try it, you won’t be disappointed, and your skin will look amazing.

Let’s just back up a second to learn more about the brand. The line was developed by Dakota Biotech with the goal of offering sustainable, high-performance organic products. Everything in the line is infused with probiotics (yes, it’s not just for your yogurt) to help balance the skin. Pretty much, the same way probiotics is good for your gut, it’s good for your skin and when applied topically can help reinforce the natural bacteria and help promote healthy skin function. This is important because with our obsession with cleanliness, we sometimes over-wash our skin, removing all the good bacteria that keeps our skin looking radiant.

So far, I’ve been using 3 products from the line:
LaFlore™ Probiotic Cleanser ($42)
LaFlore™ Serum Concentrate ($140)
LaFlore™ Probiotic Daily Defense Moisturizer ($85)

So, at first glance the prices may seem a little steep, but a little goes a long way.

I also believe in self-care, and if you can spend money on clothes, why not invest in your skin with an effective, natural product? Also, you don’t have to use every single thing in the line. But, I’ll warn you, once you see how good your skin looks, you’ll want to!

If you can only get one, I’d recommend the cleanser, which also happens to be the cheapest option (but that’s not why I’m recommending it). It gently cleanses and resets the skin’s microbiome and you only need 2-3 pumps. One of its key ingredients is Japanese Mint, which you can feel stimulating your skin with a lovely tingling sensation. It also contains pineapple extract to gently exfoliate. I actually leave the cleanser on as a mask at the beginning of my shower, then rinse off after a few minutes. My skin always feels refreshed and looks dewy as soon as I step out of the shower. I then follow that up with the serum, wait for that to dry, and then apply the moisturizer. I haven’t had any breakouts since starting this regimen, and I really feel that my skin looks brighter and healthier.

Learn more about the brand here.

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