Clean Beauty Brand Spotlight: Biossance

We all know by now that clean beauty is having a moment and one standout brand I’ve found within the category is Biossance.

About the Brand: The brand centers around its plant-based powerhouse ingredient, squalane, a derivative of squalene, which is a molecule that’s naturally found in the skin and is responsible for moisture, which decreases with age. Scientists at industrial bioscience company, Amyris Inc., were able to produce squalane through a plant-based fermentation process using sugarcane, resulting in the development of its consumer beauty brand, Biossance.

Sustainability: Sugarcane is used to create the brand’s secondary packaging, reducing its environmental impact. Additionally, the products are housed in green bottles with pure petal labels and copper detailing, designed to evoke a luxurious, earth-friendly vibe. Outside of packaging sustainability, the company also follows a “no compromise” approach when it comes to ingredients and sourcing, blacklisting more than 2,000 ingredients that are potentially harmful to people or the planet.

Products I like: I’m loving their Squalane + Mineral SPF 45 ($39), a lightweight mineral sunscreen designed to protect skin from UVA/ UVB and infrared rays, while also offering protection from environmental stressors. Pro tip: I mix the sunscreen with their multipurpose oil so that it blends into my skin nicely without leaving behind a white cast; using an oil with sunscreen will also give you a gorgeous glow. I also love their Squalane + Micronutrient Fine Mist ($32), a multi-tasking facial mist designed to hydrate, calm and refresh skin (you’ve probably seen me use these many times on Instagram). I love how refreshing the mist feels on my skin; I feel like it “wakes” both me and my skin up. I typically use it at work around 2pm or 3pm when I start to feel like I’m slumping, and I take it with me when I do outdoor workouts.

Products I’m currently testing: I’ve been trying their new Squalane + Bamboo Deodorant for the past week, which I bought during their Friends & Family sale for 25% off. So far, it only works for me for couple of hours, and I need to reapply every few hours in order to keep my underarm odor at bay. They do claim on their website that their is a detox period before it starts to work, so I’ll keep using and report back.

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