Product Review: Matrix Biolage R.A.W. Re-Hydrate Clay Mask

Sometimes I feel lazy and don’t want to deep condition my hair but when I don’t, my curls look so dry and brittle. I have a few favorite deep conditioners and this is one of them. It’s Matrix Biolage R.A.W. Re-Hydrate Clay Mask. It’s made with shea butter and Moroccan lava clay, and leaves my hair feeling incredibly soft. The scent of it is light and earthy, which I like a lot. It gets a bonus like because it is 95% natural-origin, 99% biodegradable and housed in 100% recycled plastic.

After washing my hair, I scoop out the thick, creamy paste with my hands and apply it to my hair in sections. I then run a comb through my hair to ensure even coverage. I like to focus on putting a lot on my ends because it tends to be more dry and frizzy there. After 15-20 minutes, I rinse the conditioner out and always see an immediate difference in how conditioned my hair looks and how smooth it feels. I will be honest and say that I still follow-up with a leave-in conditioner, because I feel that it doesn’t provide a good amount hydration; therefore, I rotate this mask with others depending on my hair’s needs. For example, if my hair feels limp or tangled, I use this since it does a great job of softening and making my hair more manageable. If my hair is dry and frizzy, I reach for a more hydrating deep conditioner.

What I like about this brand is that, on their website, you can click on a product’s ingredients tab to learn about every single ingredient used, along with a definition of each, it’s purpose in the product and whether or not it’s man-made or natural. This is very important is me because a brand’s transparency is critical to gaining my trust. It also helps you make an informative decision about whether or not you wat to use the product.

You can learn more about this conditioner here.

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