On June 11, I attended Foundermade’s Consumer Discovery Show in New York City. Here, the top brands I saw at the show.

Cannuka – The base of everything in this product line is cannabis CBD and Manuka honey, both of which known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Products range from eye balms to soap bars. For those looking to drape themselves in the healing proprieties of the brand’s ingredients from head to toe, they can purchase the Cannuka Beauty + Health Collection, which features a full assortment of lip, eye and body care products.


Muddy Buddy – This natural and organic hair and skin care line features products that are available in powder form, freeing the line from having to use preservatives or chemicals. As a result, the average shelf life of the products ranges from shelf life ranges anywhere from 9 to 12 months, but they look like they would be so fun to use, it might not even last you that long! I was impressed by the brand’s Muddy Glow Skin Perfecting Elixir, which aims to give you glowing skin and features 24k gold flecks you can actually see.


Beridan Naturals – This independent, botanical Apothecary, handcrafts products inspired by nature and features everything from bath salts to lip tints. I fell in love with the brand’s Toning Mist: Moonstone, which is scented with blue yarrow giving it a Instagram-worthy bright blue color. It’s also been infused under the full moon with the essence of moonstone “in order to promote balance, clarity of the mind, and a connection to one’s inner self,” according to the brand’s website.


AMG Naturally – Formulated by nutritionist Linda Lizotte, R.D., this line provides a way for women to take care of their anti-aging needs with a completely chemical-free collection, which is loaded with rainforest superfoods. A standout in the line is the brand’s Miracle Elixir Oil, which contains a blend of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, moringa oil, and omega-3 superstar, sacha oil.


Third Oak – OK, this isn’t a beauty product, but I liked this sustainable footwear brand so much that I have to mention it. Third Oak makes sandals from recyclable bio-based material. They have a closed-loop recycling system, which allows you to return the brand’s old, worn sandals when you’re done with them, and they recycle the materials to create a brand-new pair.


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