Nontoxic Fragrance Review: Phlur

8C1E7363-1B0B-4283-9D77-07E5B43E4F87When I started learning about all of the potentially harmful ingredients lurking in common beauty products, I swiftly started trading out a lot of the products I was using with nontoxic ones. The one beauty area I’ve had the most difficulty finding clean products in has been fragrance.

One thing people don’t realize (and I didn’t even know until recently) is that light damages fragrance; yet, most come in a clear bottle which means brands have to use dyes, preservatives and artificial stabilizers, to protect it. These are not things you want on your skin!

According to the Environmental Working Group, the average fragrance contains almost 14 different chemicals that are not even listed on the label! If you see “fragrance” or “parfum” on labels that could be a cocktail of thousands of different chemicals that are not required to be listed.

Another thing to be conscious about with many mainstem fragrances is inhaling the actual scent of toxic perfumes has been associated with breathing difficulties and other health problems.

While I have tried to use pure essential oil-based scents, I find that they really don’t last long, and although lovely, I don’t necessarily want to always smell like I walked out of a spa every day.


I learned about Phlur on Instagram and was so excited to be given the opportunity to test some of their fragrances. All the brand’s ingredients are safe for the skin (they publish all their ingredients online so you can see exactly what’s in it, a rarity in the industry); everything is responsibility sourced from the ingredients down to the packaging; and, the fragrances come in an opaque bottle to protect what’s inside. By eliminating potentially harmful ingredients and unnecessary additives, the chance of skin irritants and potential endocrine disruptors is minimized.

If you’re interested in checking out the brand, you can build your own sample set using by using my promo code, DELIA10, through the end of this month at Try three for $18, and you’ll get a $18 credit toward your first full bottle purchase, scoring a great savings on a full-sized, wonderful, nontoxic scent. What’s not to love?

Click here to purchase.

FTC Disclosure: I received this product for free to review.

6 thoughts on “Nontoxic Fragrance Review: Phlur

  1. I received my samples a few days ago. Love the neat and professional packaging and the concept clean, fresh, and healthier for your skin concept.

    My only disappointment is that the scent did not last on me. I was hoping co-workers would notice my scent and comment. So far, no one has asked me what I am wearing. I purchased Hanami, Moab, and Siana (which is my favorite). Go forward would consider purchasing a larger bottle of Siana.

    1. Hi Wanda,

      To make the fragrance last longer, try applying it to your clothes instead of skin. But, if you want to wear it on your skin, put on an unscented lotion first which will act as a barrier. You can also apply a little lip balm on first in the areas you put the fragrance on, and it will help the scent hold longer.

  2. The only downfall in my experience is you cannot smell your samples until you receive them. Out of three, I threw one in the garbage (Hanami) I also ordered Moab and Olmsted & Vaux. I enjoy Moab the best, but not enough to but a large bottle. I have received one compliment, after weeks of constant wear.

    1. Hi Annette,

      I actually really liked Hanami, but I’ve always been drawn to scents that contain Sandalwood. You can try miing the samples to create your own personalized scent.

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