Natural Brand Review: Summer Fridays

40F03BE3-A431-457E-A67A-A4022A421D9EWhen I heard that two influencers, Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores Ireland, were coming out with their own product line, I rolled my eyes. As a full-time beauty editor, tons of products come across my desk, and immediately thought Summer Fridays would be some kind of gimmick looking to capitalize on the influencers’ dedicated fan base. So, I attended the launch party in NYC, wrote up the article for my job, and tucked the product away in my overflowing beauty bag at home.

With how crazy the weather has been here in the city, my skin has had a difficult time adjusting to the extreme temperature shifts, so I thought, “I need moisture and J-Lo glowing skin stat,” so I rummaged through over 20 or more moisturizers before deciding to give the Jet Lag Mask ($48) a try, since it’s been a major sell out. My skin was so thirsty, it practically drank the entire mask up in less than a minute, and the result was smooth, beyond-dewy skin. I’ve gotten in the habit of using it under my eyes, because of the lovely cooling, mild tingling sensation that makes me feel something is working. I heard the mask can also be used a s a primer, but I’ve never tried that. I’ve just used it as a skin pick-me-up, and I can tell you, it does work. Now, are there other moisturizers/masks that can do the same thing? Probably. And it’s inevitable that dupes will come along, but I can say this: the Jet Lag Mask delivers on its promise to sooth and quench, stressed out skin, so add yourself to that sold out waitlist if your skin needs some rescuing.

Also, the Jet Lag Maks is free from harmful ingredients such as artificial fragrance or color, harsh surfactants, petrolatum, GMOs, triclosan, hydrogen peroxide, EDTA’s, BHT or BHA, formaldehyde, or propylene glycol. It was formulated when Lauren was pregnant, so they made sure the ingredients selected would be safe, although it is not a 100 percent clean beauty brand.

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