Natural Beauty Brand Review: Pevonia

8F356926-AE1C-4B6B-8761-2D9BE06F6D68In a gift bag from a recent event, I received product samples from a brand called, Pevonia. The company says it has been a “green” beauty brand long before it was trend (although I did find that the brand does use synthetics; however, it’s important to note that not all synthetics are toxic/unsafe).
Launched in 1991, the company creates products using phyto-organic and natural ingredients. They are a member of the Organic Trade Association and hold a CTN Green Excellence Award. They do have a laundry list of “nos” when it comes to the ingredients in its products: NO SLS, GMOs, PABA, Urea, Lanolin, Cruelty, Formaldehyde, Alcohol, Parabens, Mineral Oil, Gluten, Artificial Colors/Fragrance. The packaging is recyclable and reusable, so that adds to their green ethos.

The first product I tried was the brand’s Power Repair Micro-Pores Bio-Active Mask ($52), which is meant to minimize the appearance of enlarged pores and deliver an overall even skin tone. I applied a thin layer of the mask, and it did dry, but it didn’t turn so hard that I couldn’t take or move my face (as you may have seen on my Instagram stories). It actually was very comfortable, and after a while I forgot I was even wearing it until I passed myself in the mirror. (See above for a photo of me wearing the mask.) After 15 minutes I removed it, and while I didn’t necessarily feel that my pores looked smaller, my skin looked matte and my complexion appeared more even-toned. It’s recommended to use this product 1-2 time per week, for best results. I only used it that one time, and wasn’t too impressed to try again.


The EyeRenew Conceal & De-Age Treatment ($54), on the other hand, I have used very day, twice a day, since I ripped open the sample packet, because I really do love this product. It’s super thick and moisturizing and it keeps my eye area hydrated and makeup applies over it so smoothly. It has a Self-Adjusting Mineral Tint (swipe to see the color), so it does act as a very light concealer for dark undereye circles, but it’s definitely not full coverage.

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